Motel Le Mirage is committed to an environmental responsibility approach to ensure its employees’ and customers’ well-being while reducing its impact on the environment.

    To that end, we have implemented several sustainable environmental practices.

    These include:

    No single-use soap containers
    All our bathrooms feature shampoo and shower gel dispensers. This way, we avoid the waste that single-use plastic containers cause.

    Recycling, a priority
    We provide recycling bins for our employees and customers to discard recyclable items. Recycling is available in our rooms and in a few strategic locations in areas of the Motel reserved for employees.

    Reusable dishes and utensils

    We eliminated plastic utensils and plates and replaced them with real dishes and cutlery. We therefore rely on washable and reusable equipment.

    Reduction of water usage

    We encourage long-stay customers to make an environmentally friendly choice and notify us when to change sheets and towels using a small, well-identified poster.

    Responsible purchasing
    Where we can do so, we partner with local producers for our food supply to minimize transportation. We greatly value the region’s producers and artisans as well as the variety of local products.

    Thank you to our regional partners:

    • • Boulangerie A. Bergeron
    • • Café Charlevoix
    • • Microbrasserie Charlevoix
    • • Buanderie Moderne
    • • Charcuterie Charlevoisienne


    Reduction of paper usage
    Thanks to the intelligent information management offered by ThereforeMC software, our operations’ administrative management is paperless.